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Instructr is a digital product made for instructors and sports schools that want to improve customer experience. Here is how it works:

Welcome students through personalized greetings

Introduce new students to the digital learning school experience in the best way by making them feel welcome and properly suited to navigate the platform.

Our platform serves as one of the first touch points in contact with new students and supplies sports schools with the opportunity to make a great first impression through personalized greetings.  

Wireframe with a welcome message to a user


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Share preparation videos

Add extra value to the lessons by giving students the ability to prepare in the best way for the lessons they’ve booked.

With the content library function in the app, sports schools will be able to supply students with short instructional videos preparing them for the lesson or teaching them drills to try out on their own. 

Share student feedback easily

Wrap up the perfect lesson by supplying students with comments and feedback, encouraging them to keep practicing their skills on their own.

The Instructr platform allows instructors to share lesson follow-ups with students, and forward suggestions for the focus of future practice, with videos from the lesson. 

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Offer practice videos for students

Let students dive into the world of digital sports education by giving them access to your own library of instructional videos.

The library function supplies a way of supplying digital instruction to students, adding extra value to the customer experience.

A graphic example of a video drill in the Instructr app with a skier doing a hockeystop


CVR: 43170678

Porcelænshaven 26

2000, Frederiksberg

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